Dear Chandler Friends Church,


In an effort to turn to God in this season of need, EFC-MAYM has elected to begin 19 Days of Prayer for Deliverance from COVID-19. This is a great opportunity for us at Chandler Friends to join our larger network of churches in prayer. Seeing that we are all split apart now more than usual, we are asking that you all join in at 8:00 pm for a 19 minutes of prayer.  

I will post a guide for our time of prayer here on our website. Log onto that by 8:00. Set a timer for 19 minutes. And let the space be a time for you and your family to pray. Nineteen minutes is quite a long time to pray, for some 19 seconds might feel adequate! We are asking that at 8:00, you hang in there with the prayer. Use it for silence, allow some scripture reading, and take turns praying out loud. This is a space for all of us in our homes and for our church at large to make a big deal about Jesus and His Kingdom, to turn to Him and declare in these 19 minutes the INTENTIONS of our heart. The goal is faithfulness to the Lord and seeking him and his graces for us and our world. 

The first day of our together prayers will be Tuesday, March 24th. We will continue this through Easter Sunday, April 12th. 


Thank you all so much,


Dustin Lampe

215 N Blaine | Chandler, OK 74834



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